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GI Certified Pashmina


When it comes to elegance and grace, nothing could match the perpetual beauty of Pashmina.

Arising from the Kashmir region of India, the Pashmina has been cherished for centuries for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It is recognized for its warmth, softness and lightweight.

Each thread used to make Pashmina is five times better than human hair. That’s why they are highly valued and appreciated.


What does GI Certified Pashmina mean?

GI Certified Pashmina is made from quality pashmina obtained by Ladakh and possesses the qualities found only in that geographic region. The Government of India has made a quality mark on the original Pashmina to conserve the traditional art.

The GI label on Kashmiri Pashmina is a US patent stamp on the original Pashmina.

I.  To preserve the traditional art of weaving and spinning pure pashmina.

II. To maintain international standards

The GI-certified shawls are hand-spun by the indigent, unprivileged womenfolk of Kashmir in the most skilful manner. They are later hand-woven to produce remarkably delicate and aesthetically captivating shawls and scarves.

The mark helps one to find the original Pashmina which is pure and through this mark, it is easy to identify between fake and original.

It is known as GI Mark i.e. Geographical Indication Mark and the shawls with this mark are known as GI Pashmina Shawls.


What are GI Certified Pashmina Shawls?

The GI Certification guarantees its authenticity and showcases the cultural heritage of Kashmir. Their high quality and testament certify that these art pieces are handcrafted from the finest Kashmiri wool, hand spun by local women and followed by ravelled hand weaving.

GI Pashmina Shawls takes a lot of time to make but when it is made looks like a living art piece. The process of making one shawl requires immense patience and a decade of experience and expertise.

The Tagging on Pashmina is done by pasting a rubber base stamp that has a unique ID on it. Each shawl has a different ID.

Surprisingly, these tags have notched boundaries, and can not be tampered and if one tries to pull the tag from the shawl, it gets damaged completely.


The Authenticity of GI Pashmina Shawl

The GI mark on the Pashmina Shawl is purely different from the fake Pashmina Shawl.

GI certification marks the originality and standard of Pashmina Shawl. GI-certified Pashmina is very expensive and if some things seem too cheap, it might not be real Pashmina Shawl. Price can also be a clue to its originality.

The GI Certification also keeps you safe as a buyer. It guarantees that Pashmina is real, made in Kashmir using traditional methods.