Amber Infusion Pashmina Jamawar

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Time taken to craft ‚Äď 1.5 Years


  Size: 100 x 200 cm (Approx.)


 Pure Pashmina


 Handwoven & Hand embroidered


 Certified Authenticity


 Ethical & Sustainable


 Ship within 48 Hours


NOTE: The actual color of the product may slightly differ due to photographic effects

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The Amber Infusion Pashmina Jamawar is a luxurious and elegant cashmere wrap that embodies the essence of sunny days and endless shades. The warm hue of this masterpiece exudes a sense of opulence and luxury. The intricate motifs of flora in the Orange shade add’s to its beauty, while the Indian Hand embroidery enhances its charm, making it a true fashion luxury. Each design is meticulously crafted to transport you to the streets of Kashmir on a warm summer day. By draping yourself in this wrap, you will feel the gaze of luxury from the sunshine, enveloping you in a sense of glamour.

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Product Type



Shawls (100 x 200 cm)


100% Pashmina




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