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Black and Grey Striped Pashmina Shawl

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Time taken to craft – 2 Months


  Size: 100 x 200 cm (Approx.)


Pure Pashmina




 Certified Authenticity


 Ethical & Sustainable


 Ship within 48 Hours


NOTE: The actual color of the product may slightly differ due to photographic effects

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Distinctively chic and unapologetically elegant, the Black and Grey Striped Pashmina Shawl, hand-made, and hand-woven by the best artisans captures your eye immediately. Its hushed tones can effortlessly amplify any look without making it too loud, a secret only a few accessories hold. This feature alone makes this statement piece worth the pure Pashmina shawl price in India.

Yet aesthetics is just one facet of its allure. The painstaking effort involved in crafting each strand echoes stories of age-old traditions preserved through meticulous diligence over generations. The warmth it brings isn’t merely physical but envelops you in an organic closeness that faux fashion misses by miles. Thus, these specially handmade pieces are more than simply an accessory; they’re a tasteful marriage between style, culture and supreme comfort distinct to pure Pashmina.

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Shawls (100 x 200 cm)


100% Pashmina




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