Discover How To Quickly Spot Real Vs Fake Pashmina Shawls!


“Get ready to say goodbye to fake Pashmina shawls forever! Discovering the real deal has never been easier with our expert tips on how to quickly spot the difference between authentic and counterfeit Pashmina shawls. Following the below-listed methods you would be able to spot fake pashmina shawl.

Check the Diameter

Authentic Pashmina shawls are made from the finest cashmere, making them incredibly soft and lightweight. So, if the shawl you’re holding feels thick and heavy, it’s probably not real. The diameter of the pashmina shawl plays a very crucial role in the identification of real pashmina shawls, an ideal pashmina fabric may range from 12 -19 microns.

Take a First Glance

The weave of a genuine Pashmina shawl is tight and consistent, with a smooth surface. If you see any rough or inconsistent weaving, chances are it’s not the real deal.

Check the Waves

Real Pashmina shawls have a natural wave pattern, which adds to their unique charm. So, if the shawl you’re looking at is completely straight, it might be fake. Since the shawls are handmade and handmade things do not have symmetry which machine-made things possess so it’s easy to find the asymmetrical texture of the pashmina shawl.

Do a Friction Test

Run your hand over the shawl, and if it feels rough or scratchy, it’s likely a fake. Authentic Pashmina shawls are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.

The Burn Test

This is the ultimate test to determine if a shawl is real or fake. If it’s real, the fibers will burn quickly and turn to ash. If it’s fake, it will leave a plastic residue.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to spot a real Pashmina shawl from a mile away! Invest in the real deal and enjoy the luxurious warmth and comfort that only a genuine Pashmina shawl can provide.”

There are so many other tests as well through which we can ascertain the genuineness of a real pashmina shawl.

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